cold adventures with old friends

Hi there reader,

It’s been a long time since my last post.  I really can’t begin to figure out what to say about that.  I’d rather not dwell on my lack of writing over the past few months.

Instead, let’s try to catch up–through images.  I got two rolls of film developed today.  The film was expired and a lot of the pictures turned out grainy and interesting.  Probably an appropriate aesthetic for the way this winter felt.

The earliest pictures are from November, when my best friends from Maryland came to visit.  We walked around Buccleuch Park, which is essentially my backyard.  It’s been too horrible outside to enjoy it this winter.  Strolling with them was the last time I went into the park at all.


pet cemetary



0929849-R1-016-6A 0929849-R1-014-5A 0929849-R1-012-4A 0929849-R1-010-3A 0929849-R1-008-2A 0929849-R1-002-00A



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