hutcheson memorial trail

One of the best things about volunteering at the George Street Co-Op was meeting Laura.  She has introduced me to such awesome things as a writer’s group, New Jersey Vineyards, the joy of knitting, and the Hutcheson Memorial Trail.  This post is about the latter of these things, as it was only a few weeks ago that we set out on a photography adventure in nearby Franklin Township.  After many failed attempts at finding the entrance to the trail, we eventually found our way onto the scenic paths through woods and quaint old buildings…all in the freezing cold.

Thus, I offer you the booty of this adventure: the photos.


blue bottle decorations


cold sun


broken wall


abandoned farmhouse


signs of spring



0929849-R2-059-28 0929849-R2-057-27 0929849-R2-055-26 0929849-R2-047-22 0929849-R2-045-21 0929849-R2-041-19


2 responses to “hutcheson memorial trail

  1. Wow, these came out wonderfully! Thanks for documenting this adventure–and for being such a good sport for all the random places I’ve taken you too. (Ooof, remember the 666 house when we were lost this day?)

    I am so glad I got to meet you through the co-op! I will always be down to meet up and make things/photograph things/explore things. You da best, girl.

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